Our Services

We ensure that the services is provided economically and efficiently in order to give our clients a value for their money.

Waste Vacuuming & Transportation


One of our major service is to remove and transport of solid and liquid waste both toxic and non toxic. The logistics of transporting hazardous waste forms an integral part of our company’s operations with a well maintained super sucker and gully suckers to remove inflammable and combustible liquids and tanks.

Surface Preparation


This service uses the force of super high pressure water jet to provide the cleaning action of an abrasive medium minimizing costly sand consumption and eliminating many of the safety, heath and environment hazards often associated with dry sandblasting. Wet abrasive blasting can be applied to clean steel to a white metal finish or remove tightly bonded paint from steel and concrete.

Tank Cleaning


We are equipped with latest technology and experience for the cleaning of all types of tanks i.e vertical or horizontal, fixed or floating roofs containing the full range of petroleum products.


The following methods of de-sludging can be used to achieve the desired results:

  • Manual de-sludging – manually bagging product in bio-degradable plastic bags and dumping into skips.
  • Pumping products out of tanks using pneumatic pumps and
  • Super sucking product from tanks using vacuum trucks.


Once de-sludging process is completed, tanks are high pressure water jetted to ensure is completely gas-free condition and handed back to the client. Where atmospheric condition in a tank is hazardous, crew members will enter the tank under octal conditions using breathing air.

Abrasive Cold Water Cutting


Cold cutting calls for the use of ultra-high pressure water jetting to cut steel, concrete and composite material. The process uses ultra-high pressure pumps ranging from 1000 bra to 2800 bar along with water jet abrasives and water jet equipment systems eg.

  • Pipelines
  • Sludge doors and windows in tanks
  • Demolition of tanks and engineering steel structures
  • Concrete

Asbestos Removal and Cleaning


We provide this service with highly skilled and trained employees as well as equipment and method statements, process and procedures are fully compliant with all relevant laws, by-laws, rules and regulations.

High Pressure Cleaning


The company specialises in the following:

  • High pressure cleaning: 0 bar to 1000 bar series pumps
  • Ultra-High Pressure Cleaning: 750 bar to 1000 bar series pumps
  • Super Ultra High Pressure Cleaning: 1000 bar to 2800 bar series pumps


These cleaning processes are used for e.g to ensure that a deposited sludge, scale and chemical residue from pipelines, heat exchanger bundles, columns, tanks and vessels is removed.