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Somuhle Projects is an industrial cleaning service company that is stamping its marks in a highly competitive South Africa market servicing  clients in market that range from sugar mill , paper mill, petrol chemical plants, power stations and municipalities.


Waste Vacuuming & Transportation

The logistics of transporting hazardous waste forms an integral part of our company’s operations.

Surface Preparation

We use force of super high pressure water jet to provide the cleaning action of an abrasive medium minimizing costly sand consumption.

Tank Cleaning

We are equipped with latest technology and experience for the cleaning of all types of tanks i.e vertical or horizontal.

Abrasive Cold Water Cutting

Cold cutting calls for the use of ultra-high pressure water jetting to cut steel, concrete and composite material.

Asbestos Removal and Cleaning

We provide a service with highly skilled and trained employees as well as equipment and method statements

High Pressure Cleaning

We offer these cleaning processes to ensure that a deposited sludge, scale and chemical residue from pipelines

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